KDP High Yield Review

November, 30 2023

blocks "OIC" products and services (formerly provided by KDP Investment Advisors and KDP Asset Management) focus on the management of high yield bonds and leveraged loans and credit research analysis, and are offered through Obra Institutional Credit, LLC ("OIC"), a relying Advisor of Obra Capital Management, LLC ("OCM"), a SEC registered investment advisor.
blocks These products and services are offerings to clients based on the breadth and depth of its investment team, proprietary research and a Default Risk and Loan Recovery Rankings.
blocks OIC was established in July 2023, and acquired the KDP assets thus combining substantial resources and reputation of a research business with a seasoned portfolio management team, along with broad-based analytics and operational teams.
blocks OIC has been providing research to credit investment professionals since 1975 and provides access to: (i) the detailed industry knowledge possessed by its investment professionals; (ii) its proprietary database; and (iii) its analytical support capabilities.